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Concrete flooring is an increasingly popular choice not just for businesses, but for homeowners as well. Concrete displays an impressive finish that complements any modern, sleek style, and decorative concrete provides an array of unique options and designs that can mimic the look of different stones or finishes.

Though concrete is beautiful and long lasting, you can only truly enjoy the benefits if your floor is properly prepped and installed. At Cat’s Ass Flooring, we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and quality floors. No job is too big or too small.

Concrete Services

Polished Concrete

Elegant and modern, polished concrete offers a wide selection of possible colors, patterns and even levels of sheen. Customize your polished concrete with a high gloss, professional finish for your business or choose a softer, warmer look for your home. Polished concrete is a cost effective flooring solution, allowing you to create any custom design without breaking the bank. Reproduce the look of terra cotta, limestone, marble, granite and more. With polished concrete, the possibilities are endless.

Decorative Concrete

Brighten up any room with decorative concrete from Cat’s Ass Flooring. The versatility of concrete gives you multiple options. Pay only a fraction of the cost to achieve the look of brick, stone, tile or marble with stamped concrete. Stained and dyed concrete allow you to create numerous color combinations. Customize the color and finish to create a final look perfect for any setting or decor.


If you’re looking to create a glossy floor, epoxy is the way to go. This thick concrete coating provides a long lasting layer of protection for your floor while simultaneously creating a beautiful finish. Epoxy provides some truly unique customization options that add an extra touch of personality to any room.

  • Glitter
  • Metallic
  • Paint Flakes
  • And More!



Polished concrete is a fantastic choice for commercial properties, providing an impressive finished effect. Cat’s Ass Flooring can add your business logo to the floor, providing an additional professional touch to your place of business. Easy maintenance makes concrete an ideal choice for retail environments due to the high volume of foot traffic that they receive.


Polished concrete’s non-skid properties are perfect for warehouses, manufacturing facilities and other industrial spaces. Industrial flooring often requires different specifications depending on the purpose of the space and it is important to go with a company that will work within those parameters.


Concrete has many exterior and interior applications. Concrete is especially popular for garages, but can provide a beautiful finishing touch to interior spaces in the home as well.

  • Warehouses
  • Stores
  • Automotive Shops
  • Daycares
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Basements
  • Garages

Benefits of Concrete Flooring

Easy Maintenance

Enjoy easy to clean floors when you choose polished concrete. Easy maintenance saves you money when it comes to caring for your floors and makes it easy for you to keep the sheen on your floor.


Concrete is one of the most versatile flooring options you can choose. The various applications allow for a stylish finish suitable for any floor—interior, exterior, residential or commercial.


Concrete is a wonderfully durable flooring option that stands up in areas with high foot traffic. Long lasting floors will save you money on repairs and replacements.

Cleaner than Carpet

Choosing concrete eliminates the dust, allergens, mold and filth that can live in carpet. Carpet is also easily stained and doesn’t last nearly as long as concrete floors.

Adds Value to Home

The multiple finish options available allow you to create a modern, upscale look in your home. Upgrading your floor will increase the value of your home when you’re ready to sell.